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I'm not a massive fan of alcohol, can I still come to socials?

Of course! Although it may seem otherwise, uni isn’t all about drinking. We will be hosting many meals out (curry nights are always a favourite!) as well as times to just meet up for coffees. Once you’re part of the sailing family, there are so many opportunities to have fun and go out without the need for alcohol.

With social distancing in place, how will socials be run?

Over the lockdown period, we have already had many successful online events and games nights. Although clubs may be shut for a while, there will be many events hosted outdoors and garden parties will be frequent.

What if I get lost/need help on a night out?

The benefit of being a member of sailing is that everyone looks after everyone else – there will always be someone from the sailing club to look out for you and always someone you can contact at any time.

Can I bring my non-sailing friends to sailing socials?

Without a doubt! We love meeting new people, even if they’re not a fan of sailing. Our socials renowned across all campus for being exciting and so we love seeing all different types of people there. Just be sure to let one of our social secretaries know beforehand if you plan on bringing all your mates.

Feel free to contact the social secs (Sam Pfeffer-Matthews, Georgia Evans) at any time with any other questions!


When will Tour be?

Tour is usually in week 10 of term 3, so some time in late June 2021. We will confirm exact dates nearer the time.

Where will Tour be?

We will be sailing in and around Croatia, exact plans will be released in due course.

How much will Tour cost?

A week on a yacht in Croatia isn't cheap, we can't deny that. But as we book in a group we get a great deal, it is a great value trip, especially given how cool and unique the experience is.

When will more details be released?

We are currently sorting out the details, so will keep you posted!

Do I need to know loads of people?

It's scary coming to uni not knowing anyone, but as cliché as it seems you really will meet people in no time. One of the great things about Sailing is that because it is small, everyone knows everyone. We really are one big happy family, so you will make friends to go on tour with in no time. Plus we will be hosting special events to help everyone get to know their fellow tour goers throughout the year!

If you have more questions let James Davey know, he's organising our Tour this year!

Team Racing

Is sailing really a sport?


What do you race in?

The boat we use, as well as all other University Sailing Teams, is the mighty Firefly.

What are the differences between Team Racing and Fleet Racing?


The team that wins is decided by combining the results of the team's three boats; lowest points wins. Unlike an hour long fleet race team races are short typically only 5 minutes long. In a normal competition there can be up to 90 done overall per day.

There is no point in winning the race individually if your team looses overall.

Are there differences in the rules?

Team racers need to be really good at knowing the rules. There are noticeable differences in the rules such as three boat lengths is shortened to two for mark-room.

For a better picture of all the rules go here: . Appendix D is the relevant one to team racing.

The best team racer will have read through the Call Book to achieve the greatest understanding; found here: .

Alternatively drop us a message!

Is there any specialist equipment required?

Yes. A red flag. As well as your normal sailing kit and watch.

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